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Our customers are true music lovers! That’s why we are proud to offer a selection of brand name, high quality headphones. Our inventory has everything from the best studio headphones to quality earbuds perfect for an afternoon of music at home. We also carry a supply of accessories that make a customer’s listening experience all the more enjoyable. Check out what else we have to offer people who love music as much as we do!

We believe that high quality, rich sound is the most important feature in a set of headphones. That’s why we offer stereo headphones made by designers who care about the quality of their products. Of course, each brand of good quality headphones is different. Some brands focus on the precise reproduction of sound while others concentrate on making high quality headphones that offer the perfect balance of sound to a listener. Regardless of their specific design features, all of the headphones and earbuds in our inventory offer an unforgettable listening experience to customers.

Along with excellent quality of sound, a set of headphones or wireless earbuds must be comfortable to wear. One commonality with all of our good quality headphones and best earbuds is a design that allows for hours of comfortable wear. For instance, many of the wireless stereo headphones in our inventory have ear pads that soothe the ears of a listener. Also, our best headphones have headbands that offer just the right amount of padding for a user. Alternatively, the good earbuds we offer feature a design that is listener-friendly. Our best earbuds and wireless earbuds fit securely as well as comfortably. We think that the best headphones and wireless earbuds are the ones that a listener can put on, and then forget about.

Someone browsing our inventory of wireless stereo headphones, earbuds, and other high quality headphones will notice that we have products in all price ranges. In short, we have reasonably priced good quality headphones and wireless earbuds for people who are casual music lovers. We also offer the best studio headphones for people who make their living in the music world. Furthermore, some of our stereo headphones accommodate the needs of both casual listeners and professional musicians. The prices of our high quality headphones vary with the specific features of each brand.

When it comes to enjoying music, we know that every music lover has his or her headphone design preferences. Some music aficionados wouldn’t listen to their favorite tunes on anything but wireless stereo headphones. Others prefer a pair of good earbuds that offers great sound that travels with them everywhere they go. Alternatively, a popular DJ who has gigs every weekend may feel lost without their best studio headphones. Whether a customer wants a pair of good earbuds for jogging or stereo headphones for listening to new music with friends, we have something for everyone who appreciates music.

We offer a selection of the best headphones as well as the best earbuds made for people who love spending time with their favorite music. Our friendly customer representatives are ready to help you find what you’re looking for today! 

Recent Headphone Reviews


Sennheiser OFFICE RUNNER - Wireless DECT Convertible Office Headset System with Mic and Base Station Good headset
We use this in my office. Its one of the better Wireless headsets I’ve used in many years of using multiple headsets. The charging base is easy to use also.

Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Tour High Performance In Ear Headphones with Remote/Mic - Black great earphones
great sound
good price
falls out of my ears when running
Other Thoughts:
i was recommended these earphones from a friend. he also bought them from Service and price were great. i wish they were a little tighter in my ears during workouts. still these are these are the best earphones i’ve owned.

Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Studio Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones w/Remote/Mic - Blue Best wireless noise canceling headphone
Great quality
Sound is awesome
Noise canceling
Other Thoughts:
These headphones pack a punch. They are feature filled, so if you’re looking for the best headphones right now, these are probably on the list.

Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD On Ear Headphones with Remote/Mic - Matte Black still the best
Beats by Dre are crazy good. No matter which one you go with youre getting the best for the $. Its why they own the market right now. They do the bass right and the headphones just sound the way you want them to sound. Enough said
John Malcolm

Sennheiser HD700 - Reference-Class Audiophile Open Back Dynamic Over Ear Headphones You haven’t heard music like this
Detail is the hallmark
Beautiful extension in the bass
Lower impedance than the HD800 (easier to amp)
Smooth midrange
Comfortable beyond any headphone of its size
Sennheiser is a standup company
Highs can sound abrasive on certain tracks
Amplifier preferred
Price is high, though lower than when the headphone was introduced
Other Thoughts:
Grab your favorite jazz recording, or just peruse your iTunes library, put on the HD700 and press play. You are hearing music like you’ve never heard it. It’s got all the naturalness of live sound, but the intimate feeling of a headphone. Yes you need to amp these to get fine results, but it’s not as though you will be walking around with these anyway.

The way these headphones handle the lower bass region is marvelous. It is tight like a fine-tuned pair of McIntosh speakers, but costs a lot less, and in some case sounds better.

On occasion, when a song is extremely percussive, I find myself reaching for the treble knob and reducing a little bit. These headphones are not bright, but they are very extended and sometimes a little sharp. It’s nothing drastic though, and usually I am very appreciative of the sense of air that this treble presentation permits.

Very happy with these. I recommend pairing with a tube amp, but even a SS amp will be fine.

-John Malcolm 2014

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