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 RS120 - RF Wireless Home Entertainment Over Ear Headphones with Transmitter
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Sennheiser - RS120

RS120 - RF Wireless Home Entertainment Over Ear Headphones with Transmitter

Item# RS120
Price: $99.95

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 Product Specifications
Connector Type:
1/8" (3.5mm) & 1/4" (6.3mm)
Frequency Range:
22 Hz to 20 kHz
Headphone Fit:
Over Ear
Headphone Type:
Open Back, TV, Wireless
Usually Ships Within:
1-2 Business Days
Black, Silver/Gray
2 Year

General Description

The lightweight RS 120 lets you enjoy freedom of movement without cumbersome cables. The headphones come complete with an easy-to-use recharging system. After use, simply place the headphones onto their convenient transmitter base station and they will automatically recharge for the next use. Its easy to set them up too! Just plug the transmitter in, and connect the audio cable to an analog output (RCA or headphone plug), its that simple.


  • Wireless freedom and stereo sound with reception through walls and ceilings up to 328 feet
  • Simple, built-in recharging
  • Detailed, warm sound reproduction with strong bass response
  • Open-Aire design for hi-fidelity audio reproduction
  • Volume, on/off and tuning control located on the headphone
  • Very lightweight headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Replaceable earpads for long service life
  • Charging stand also stores the headphones when not in use
  • Transmitter can be wall-mounted
  • Supports the use of multiple headphones receiving the RF signal from one transmitter (use HDR 120)
  • Delivery includes transmitter, power cable, audio cable and headphones
  • Connects to RCA jacks (red and white outputs), 1/8" and 1/4" headphone sockets (anything with a headphone jack including laptop and desktop computers!)
  • 3 selectable transmit-channels for avoiding interference and/or using more than 1 transmitter in a room
  • (2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries included
  • 2-year warranty
  • Compatible with set-top DVD & Blu-Ray players, DVR's, satellite receivers, a/v receivers, laptops, mac/PC, MP3 players, LCD, Plasma and standard televisions that feature RCA outputs (red and white outputs) and/or 1/8" and 1/4" headphone sockets


  • HDR 120 headphone
  • TR 120 transmitter (audio cable is attached)
  • Transmitter power cable (in a small white box- its there, trust us)
  • (2) AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • RCA to 1/8" audio adapter
  • 1/8" to 1/4" audio adapter
  • Instructions for use


Max. Sound pressure level (aktiv) 106 dB
Powering 9V DC (transmitter); AAA batteries (receiver)
Weight (Transmitter) 200 g
Weight (Receiver) 230 g (inc. batteries)
Range up to 100 m
Modulation FM Stereo
Signal-to-noise ratio > 65 dBA
RF frequency range 863 - 865 MHz or 926 - 928MHz
Dimensions (Transmitter) 85 x 225 x 133 mm
Frequency response (headphones) 22 - 19500 Hz
Transducer principle dynamic, open
Operating time (Accupack) ca. 20-25 h
THD, total harmonic distortion < 0,7 %
Jack plug 3,5mm / 6,3 mm stereo (863-865 MHz), cinch (926-928 MHz)
Ear coupling circumaural

Superb sound without compromise.

Our headphones have been created with just one objective in mind - to deliver sublime sound with no compromise. For more than 60 years the name Sennheiser has stood for the highest quality products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction. We create the greatest and most exciting sound experience for people worldwide – whether at home or out and about; on stage or behind the DJ console; in a museum or in a concert hall.

Customer Reviews

Very comfortable when wearing for long period of time
Headband is a little too big. Be careful when bending over.
Other Thoughts:
Great headphones for the money. Wearing outside in the backyard or getting the newspaper out front is no problem.

Headphones for TV10/24/2012
Easy quick set up, good quality, good performance, great charging cradle.
headphones don’t fit tight on head and tend to shift if you lean forward far enough
Other Thoughts:
Good entry level headphones.

Generally good8/15/2012
Set up was easy and sound quality is excellent
Initial charging time of 24 hours seemed rather long. Headphones don’t size well for a small head (not a child) but an adult with a smaller head
Other Thoughts:
not bothered by on-the-ear vs over-the-ear as used in the evening so no other noise affecting listening

fast delivery
i requested information on warranty so far no response

comfortable,sound great, would recommend to anyone!!!!

RS 120 Unit1/7/2012
Leave the room and get a beer in the kitchen with out missing a word of news , very clear sound , good volume controls and great head phone fit
recharging contacts on the charging mount not very good must move phones around for good contact, cleaned with damp pad for eye glasses contact seamed to be better

 they are great. very clear and a great range. I called you’ll before i bought. you’ll were great and the delivery service was great. You’ll are the best.

Very pleased11/20/2011
 We ordered and received 2 RS120 headphones with transmitter. They were shipped very quickly within 5 days. My husband and I each wanted a set for tv watching. They were very easy to set up and very comfortable to wear. The sound is great and we just love them.

RS120 Review10/6/2011
 Sound is very good, all works well. On the fitting comfortably I would grade them as average at best

Glad I purchased them8/31/2011
 For years I used a set of wireless headphones that I just loved but the charging contacts became hard to use. The model is no longer available from that manufacturer. I tried another set from a major manufacturer but the range wasn’t good enough. This model provides the range I need and the charging method is easy to use. My only "complaint" is that they don’t fit snugly enough on my head and so when I bend over the headphones like to slide off my head. Some of this is due to the fact that they don’t have foam cushioned ear pads, which is something also mentioned in other reviews. But overall, glad I purchased them.

Sennheiser Wireless8/22/2011
 Great price , Fast delivery, Phones sound great without the fuzz you get with some wireless phones.

A little disappointed8/18/2011
 I bought a set of Senn. headphones a couple of yrs. ago. They seemed fine, then they just stopped working. I have some hearing loss, & can’t hear the TV well unless the volume is cranked all the way up,& still miss some words. So I thought I would take a chance & buy these headphones. They work OK so far, but take FOREVER to recharge, even after using them for only a couple of hrs.! AFTER I got them, the instructions said it would take 16 HOURS to recharge. I think that’s ridiculous! NOTHING should take that long to recharge. I thought I paid enough for good quality. Now I have to wait way too long to use them again. I can’t afford more expensive ones, so I guess I’ll just have to put up with it. I just wish the recharge time had been mentioned on-line. I also think it would be nice to have earcups, not a flat earpiece.

RS120 - Wireless RF Dynamic Open Stereo Over Ear Headphones with Transmitter!4/15/2011
 GREAT product! Totally easy to install--especially with all the adapters. They thought of everything. Headphones fit me--which is not the usual. They’re comfortable--again, not the usual.

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