One of the early headphones we acquired in this price range, the iHarmonix iHX Pro ev is one of those headphones that's hard to say much good about.
After acquiring the other headphones in this review for sale, we begin to find the iHarmonix iHX Pro ev a little wanting. They do have a number of things we look for in a low-cost headphone of this type: plug compatibility with iPhones; sliding keeper to tighten the fit around the back of your head; in-line volume control; and nice fit and finish. But there are a couple of things we don't like. The first, and maybe the most important, is that they only come with two tips: one foam tip and one flexible rubber tip. Getting a good fit with in-ear headphones can be quite difficult and without a good seal you'll lack bass and won't get the isolation this type of headphone can deliver. Having multiple tip sizes seems mandatory in our experience. One of our sales team has found that he usually needs a small tip in one ear and a medium in the other; a perfect example of one size does not fit all ... and in fact one size might not even fit one.
The sound quality of these headphones is better than the Smokin' Buds, for sure, but probably not quite as good or on par with the Titans. Bass response is good, but a large suckout in the mid-range between 200 Hz and 2 kHz makes these cans sound rather hollow. Also, significant roll-off after 10 kHz means they have a rather lifeless top end.I recommend you spend the extra $5 and move up to the next headphone.
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