Another in-ear headphone from Skullcandy, the colorful cable and ear tips, and anodized aluminum earpieces, volume control, and plug body of the Titans are very attractive for tweens and teens. The sound ... mmmm, we'll see.
A step up in the Skullcandy line from the Smokin' Buds is the Titan. These aluminum and plastic in-ear headphones come in a variety of colors ranging from all black to the bold purple, green, and yellow of the Titan Purples shown here. The construction of these cans seems quite good; we've not been selling them long enough to get solid reliability data, but they certainly look like they'll take a beating and keep on playing tunes.  Three different tip sizes are included with your purchase, so a good fit should be relatively easy to achieve, though in our experience these cans are a little difficult to get seated correctly. Also note that there are a couple of hard edges on the earpiece body that could be a bit uncomfortable for some if worn under a beanie.
As you can see from the frequency response graph, these headphones have HUGE bass --- and not too woolly or muffled either as these things go. Bass loving youngsters will get a kick out of these cans. Unfortunately, they also have a ski-jump like response with a peak around 2 kHz, which gives these cans a rather sparkly or even strident tone depending on the music. Unlike the Smokin' Buds, these little cans can be somewhat harsh sounding. Nonetheless, if a kid can keep the volume down, they're a fun headphone that delivers sound that's better than stock ear buds.
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