Yes, its true audiophiles! After months of head-scratching and gnashing of teeth, the HeadRoom UDAC is BACK and better than ever. As many of you might remember, we had to pull our beloved HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Balanced DAC [UDAC] off the market about a year ago due to vexing issues with USB glitches on some UDAC units. We've spent arduous months in the lab and in conference with the engineers at ESS Technologies, the patent-holders on the Sabre processor inside the UDAC, determined to find a fix and -- EUREKA! -- we finally got it! Thanks to the new ESS9018 chipset offering tons more programming power and implementation flexibility, our HeadRoom audio engineers found the root cause and solved the dilemma. Diligent audio testing in every imaginable way on the "new" UDAC confirms rock-solid reference USB performance along with the continued perfection of the SPDIF and Coax digital inputs, which were never affected by the earlier USB issues. The HeadRoom UDAC accepts S/PDIF digital audio signals at standard rates & depths (44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz from 16 to 24 bit word depth) on both coax RCA and TOSLINK-optical connections, and will decode 44.1/16 digital audio from your computer via a standard USB connection. The UDAC will upsample any incoming signal to 192 kHz including the USB input. The attendant upsampling does not change the incoming word length (16bit/24bit) only the sample rate [44.1kHz, 48kHz etc.]. Hence, no matter what the incoming sample rate is, the UDAC upsamples to 192kHz. Sure, we're probably a bit biased but we think our UDAC the closest thing to luxuriant vinyl sonics this side of a five-figure boutique LP turntable. Try it for yourself under our risk-free 'no-questions-asked' HeadRoom 30-day guarantee and hear all the new wondrous details hidden deep within your favorite recordings. We should have an initial tiny batch of UDACs ready for shipping in the next several weeks. We plan to begin trickling these out of our manufacturing facility in growing numbers starting late March & April 2011. Please feel free to order online now to get into the queue for the very first, highly limited HeadRoom UDAC shipment. Or just give our expert HeadRoom sales team a call for the full low-down of the return of the Ultra Desktop Balanced DAC!

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