John Lowell at Live From the Divide - Binaural Edition

HeadRoom is excited to bring you this weeks binaural edition of Live From the Divide, John Lowell. You can listen to the remixed radio version of the show on the Live From The Divide website. John Lowell is one of those rare triple threat musicians that come along every so often - singer/guitarist/songwriter. His clear, expressive vocals dovetail perfectly with his strong and inventive guitar playing. "It's funny how sometimes when you have developed a great passion, and looking back on how it all started, the beginning was a small insignificant event.  Not a great revelation that knocks you off your feet, but a small, quiet occurrence, maybe even a slow process that brings you to the thing that you feel most strongly about - the thing you love to do the most." - John Lowell [audio:] John-Lowell

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