Jalan Crossland at Live From the Divide - Binaural Edition

HeadRoom is excited to bring you this weeks binaural edition of Live From the Divide, Jalan Crossland You can listen to the remixed radio version of the show on the Live From The Divide website. Raised in a small Wyoming town, Jalan Crossland is one of a very few “alt country” artists his age who still claims the “country” as home. Maybe this explains the lyrical, 'truth is stranger than fiction' wobble to his songs about 21st century rural life. Live and on recordings he adds dazzling guitar and banjo fingerpicking to his kanky tales of hobos, tires, “mobile homes”, strippers, motorcycles, trucks, cars, and vice presidents.   [audio:http://headphone.com/audio/livefromthedivide07.mp3] jalan1

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