Shinyribs at Live From the Divide - Binaural Edition

HeadRoom is excited to bring you this weeks binaural edition of Live From the Divide, Shinyribs. You can listen to the remixed radio version of the show on the Live From The Divide website. Shinyribs Russell is known as the front man of the Austin TX musical combo, The Gourds. Born in Beaumont TX, he found his calling in the biker bars of Louisiana at the tender age of seventeen playing a hybrid of loud country blues rock and psychedelic swamp jangle. In a fit of wanderlust, Russell began performing solo shows under the pseudonym Shinyribs as early as 2006 - and has since been honing the project into one of the most interesting roots music experiences around. Stylistically it pulls from the spectrums of great American music; Country, Gospel, Funk and a dollop of earnest poetry in the middle of it all... [audio:] Shinyribs

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