HeadRoom and Shure Present the #MyHeadRoom Contest and Giveaway

At HeadRoom, our mission is our tagline, “Right Between Your Ears.” HeadRoom is about a sanctuary for personal listening. We do a variety of things to provide a safe haven for people involved in getting great sound in your head.  But, this contest isn’t about us.

Are you good at show & tell? …. Well, then lucky you! We want to know what it means to you to get it, “Right Between Your Ears.” What does your HeadRoom look like? Show us with a photo, write us a song, make a video, or post on your blog.

We're giving away [that's free, folks!] a pile of great sounding personal audio gear from Shure -- over $3,500 value! -- to the clever winners who tell us (and the universe) all about their special HeadRoom headphone sanctuary. Maybe you'll want to share a short, one-paragraph tale about what headphones and/or headphone listening mean in your world? … Maybe you got a story about one magical night of pure headphone bliss?... Or perhaps you'll have a photo or painting that illustrates your personal HeadRoom headphone haven without words? For some, it could even be a colorful tattoo, some crazy headgear or the always-popular body scarification will say it all?! … Anyways, ya'll get the drift: It's a totally wide-open contest with few rules except BE CREATIVE! Bonus points for sharing socially using #MyHeadRoom.

All entries will be individually judged by HeadRoom staff on the basis of sheer creativity, ability to effectively convey the HeadRoom experience, and general grooviness of presentation, among other intangible and murky criteria. The final winner will be selected by HeadRoom staff. Once the contest ends, and at our discretion, entries may be posted for all to see, so make 'em good! By submitting your entry, you fully authorize HeadRoom to use your stuff in print. We will need your name and contact info on the entry, but we will not make this information public. Only one entry per person is allowed. Offer not valid with any other offers, and additional further shifty legalese applies. We always respect your privacy when you submit your information to us.

Email your entry to: Marketing@headphone.com with subject line #MyHeadRoom Contest to Enter! Contest ends at Midnight March 13, 2015 (MST). Winners will be notified by email and posted on our blog March 17, 2015.

Here’s exactly what we’re giving away:

2 Shure SE846 Earphones, that’s right…TWO lucky winners.
1 Shure SE525 LTD Earphones
1 Shure SE425 Earphones
1 Shure SE315 Earphones
1 Shure SRH1540 Headphones
1 Shure SRH840 Headphones

Approximate Retail Value: $3,750


  • Jamey Warren

    Yes Alex, we will accept entries from any part of the world.


  • Peter Kernz

    Your Headroom/Shure contest is very exciting for me. I am artist-painter who
    does use audiophile cans to provide an atmosphere of ecstasy while
    Painting. Good luck too me. Will send picture ,etc.

  • Mike Gallichio

    I was a very young boy living in the projects (Jane Adams) in Chicago. Our Family was very poor back then. But we were very rich in spirit. We had very few toys as children. We did have Lincoln logs and green plastic army men that my twin brother Frank and I played with and cherished. One day my older Brother Anthony who had a junk non- running car was approached by a young Spanish man that lived in the same Chicago projects. He wanted to purchase the junk car from my Brother but like everyone else in the neighborhood he had no money. Back then you made a deal with a handshake and some collateral. The man brought over as collateral a record player, a stack of albums, and a set of bongo drums. My brother agreed that when he gets the cash he would pay my brother for the car and pick up his things. He told us we could use the record player and the albums but to please be careful with them. This was my first experience with music. If you can imagine for a moment how happy of a time this was for my Family to have this record player and recordings to listen to? A magical moment it was indeed. We began by playing all of his Latin, Jazz albums non stop and one record that I really liked was Latin Fever by “Mr. Bongo” Jack Costanzo. It was a nice Latin / Jazz album with lots of drums. I tried for hours and hours to make the sounds on the bongo drums that I heard on the album. I was in musical bliss. So much fun. Eventually the man came with the money to pay my brother for the car and picked up his records, record player, Bongos and we were all very sad to see it all go. When I first tried a set of headphones the same feeling I had as a young boy hearing music for the first time came back. My first set of headphones were huge over the ear type but sounded really great. You could hear every nuance of the music or so I thought. They were very crude by todays standards. As the years went by, I loved listening to headphones and the true pleasure it gives me. I could shut out the world, at least for a while. listening for me now is more of a balance in my life. Almost like a mini mental vacation or medicine. I can listen to my favorite music and feel so refreshed like a soothing ma-sausage , warm bath, or like being at the beach listening to the waves relaxing in the sun. The music for me sparks a lot of emotions of total enjoyment and of really happy feelings. Headphone listening will always be a part of my life. Headphones also have gotten me through some very dark, difficult times in my journey through life. I listen in a very different way today than I did as a child. Things I have learned to listen for over the years. I listen to as you might have guessed to Jazz, Latin Jazz, Classical ,and all types of music. I also took drum lessons for 12 years. I have played drums and percussion in and around Chicago for years. I also teach drums and percussion. All of my Family worked their way out of the projects and have become very successful. I am sad to say that some of my brothers and sisters have passed away now but the love, just like the love of music / headphones never dies. I am happy to say that one day I looked up the name of Jack Costanzo on Google and found he was living in California. I also found out his nephew is living a couple of towns away from me. We made arrangements for me to meet Mr. Bongo Jack Costanzo because I wanted to thank him for what he did for me as a child and how much I appreciated his Music. He was my inspiration and played a big part of my love affair with Music. We have become good friends and he comes to my house every year and tells stories of when he would play with big bands and play for famous bands leaders throughout the years. He also would teach a lot of stars in Hollywood. I have enjoyed Headphones,/Music for a lifetime and I am very great full for it. Life and Music are so very important. Truly beautiful and fascinating. Sometimes all you have to do is listen.

    Thank you
    Mike Gallichio

  • Alex Altorfer

    Dear Jamey,
    Does “totally wide open” mean entries can be global?

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