HeadRoom Reviews the New Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 Headphone

We're always excited to get new headphones in to review and listen for ourselves. This week we have put the new Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 through our testing process.

We must say that the new Audio Technica delivers very accurate and analytical sound.  These would be a great reference headphone for mixing/mastering in the studio, but also for the detail lovers.  With clean, crisp highs which are not harsh or edgy, the MSR7 provides amazing detail.  The bass is very tight, and well controlled though might be a bit lean for some.  The mid range has a very upfront and forward sound.  Female voice comes through really strong and clear.

The build quality is very solid, but the overall design is quite refined.  The headband adjustment can be quite tight and have a lot of clamping force on larger head-ed individuals, but should loosen up over time.  Earpads are plush, comfortable, and provide great isolation.  Another bonus are the included 3 detachable cables, plus one has a single button control for smartphones. 

The MSR7 is comparable in price and sound to the Shure SRH840, Sennheiser Momentum 1.0, Beyedynamic DT770, V-Moda M-100, and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus. We used these cans as reference when analyzing the sound of the MSR7. They aren't the exact same price, but close enough for comparisons to be made. How did the MSR7 compare directly? Well, we felt the Sennheiser Momentum was the better overall sounding headphone out of the bunch, but the MSR7 got 4 out of 5 stars in our rankings. 

Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 Headphones now available for $249.95 at HeadRoom.



  • Mike O.

    Hey Andy,

    Yes, these can be a bit tight on bigger heads (fellow member of the big head club). They will stretch out a bit over time and especially if you put them over a pillow or something to help speed up the process. However out of the box they do have pretty strong clamping force.

  • Andy

    I’ve heard they’re kinda tight on bigger heads (me). Yes?

  • Jim Nesta

    I have a pair of the ATH-M70x phones and love them and was wondering if you were planing on making an evaluation of them anytime. Will the M70s eventually be added to the “build a graph” feature at some point? Thanks for all that you do. Jim

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