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Taron & Andrew Lissimore

A New Standard from HeadRoom

Jamey WarrenHi, I'm Jamey Warren president of HeadRoom and We have been getting it “Right Between Your Ears” for almost 25 years now. Read more of our story here.

HeadRoom Audio began as the world’s first commercial headphone amp manufacturer. We innovated many industry breakthroughs including the world’s first balanced-drive headphone amp, the HeadRoom Blockhead, and the first digital-USB portable amp/DAC, the HeadRoom BitHead, just to name a few among many of our proprietary creations.

HeadRoom Standard Headphone Amp Prototype TestingAlong with our intensely dedicated team, my ardent vision since taking the helm has been to create a new HeadRoom Audio headphone amp that could recapture our uniquely robust, transparent and musical signature sound while pushing forward the world-class audio performance that classic HeadRoom products became famous for delivering to audiophiles.

So began the long tumultuous process of conception, design, re-design, engineering and prototyping iterations to offer you a product we felt correctly carried the HeadRoom name into the future.

The result is the brand new HeadRoom Standard Headphone Amp.

Original HeadRoom Standard Headphone AmpLong-time HeadRoom historians will note the connection of the Standard nameplate to one of our very first amplifiers we built back in the mid-1990s. Not only does the name hearken back to our earliest roots, but it also pays tribute to our original founder Mr. Tyll Hertsens who started HeadRoom with one single product way back in the day called, you guessed it, the HeadRoom Standard Amp.

Rest assured, the new Standard Amp carries no holdover internal parts or design features from the old Standard unit, so the throwback name is a well-deserved historical homage to who and what got us here today. Thank you, Tyll!

The new HeadRoom Standard headphone amp brings a 100% all-new topology designed by the original audio engineer behind the best HeadRoom products, Mr. Joe Wojciechowski. Joe’s uncompromising new HeadRoom Standard Amp ideation set out to achieve a level of acoustic performance and sound quality our older units just hinted at while streamlining features to only the most essential in delivering a truly superb headphone listening experience. So no complex crossfeed stages get in the way of pure unadulterated clarity, lightning-fast dynamics and seamless extension out to the very edges of the audible frequency range.

The HeadRoom Standard Amp is an AC-powered headphone amp with perfectly controlled horsepower to drive tough planar magnetic headphones along with enough quiet grace to power highly sensitive in-ears. The Standard's hard extruded black aluminum amp chassis keeps the internals safe from road travel rash and shields the electronics from potential external noise intrusion.

Dual headphone outputs allow use of two headphones simultaneously and a front panel gain switch permits perfect dovetailing with any headphone impedance. Inside the Standard Amp is a unique mixed integrated and discrete design that employs the best sound quality traits of modern op amp technology to deliver an effortlessly tailored performance with either demanding high-impedance loads or with ultra efficient in-ear headphones.

The topology features a hot-rodded JFET front-end with fully discrete Diamond Buffer output stages using low-noise, high Ft transistors. Total R-C decoupling on all op amps localize the current loops and keeps any potential hash completely off the rails. The Standard sound is wide-open, intensely dynamic and beautifully detailed with any headphone you own.

Each Standard unit is exclusively built by hand right here in beautiful Montana USA and assembled by highly skilled tech artisans who have been with the HeadRoom company for 10 years or more - so you know you’ll be getting a superb high-quality product built with extreme care and painstaking attention to detail by people who really love what they do. And you’ll also be supporting our presently ongoing company efforts (still a secret!) to build other new products in 2016 and 2017, many of which are already underway germinating and undergoing early testing in our HeadRoom Audio labs.

Please order the brand-new HeadRoom Standard headphone amp below with a full 100% money back guarantee if you're not totally stoked, of course. Your Standard amp purchase will directly contribute to the rise of the new HeadRoom Audio phoenix!

HeadRoom Standard Amp PrototypeSo to all of you who have followed HeadRoom since the beginning, we extend a genuine heartfelt thank you. We could not have soldiered on for this long in the face of seemingly insurmountable market pressures without your fervent support and kind words.

For those unfamiliar with our previous products and sound, well, we envy you - you’re about to enter a brave new world of wonderful high-end headphone bliss unmatched elsewhere.

And to everyone who simply loves musically accurate headphone sound, we say try the HeadRoom Standard Amp and compare to any other similarly-priced headphone amp in your arsenal. Like we said, our famous 30 day 'no-questions-asked' return policy ensures you’ll absolutely fall in love with what your ears hear or your money back.

Mike testing a HeadRoom Standard Headphone Amp PrototypeAs a final word, I also wanted to extend a sincere thanks to my teammates and coworkers here at HeadRoom and Its a very small group of just a few incredibly hard-working folks, but we have well over 75 years of combined experience in the headphone and audio worlds, so we like to believe we know this business as well as anyone. When you call us, email or write for information, we think you’ll pick up on how much we enjoy what we do every single day.

So thanks again to all of you for believing in us for so many years. Our promise is we will work non-stop to ensure the special trust you’ve placed in us is payed back with truly amazing headphone experiences for years and years to come.


  • HeadRoom

    Hi George, Yes indeed! Both HeadRoom Standard Amp headphone outputs can be used simultaneously so 2 people can enjoy the tunes at the same time. Of course, headphones with differing impedance/sensitivity ratings will play at different volumes, so having the same headphone efficiency will help ensure similar volume levels between the two!

  • George Lin

    Can you listen to both headphone out at the same time?

  • HeadRoom

    Hello Everyone,
    Thanks again so very much for all your great comments and support. Just a quick update – the new HeadRoom Standard Headphone Amp remains on schedule and on time for a late October shipment as promised! We expect to begin the shipping our first units to pre-order customers during the last week of October 2016. Check our recent ‘Production Update’ Blog post here on our website for more details! ….. To answer some of your questions below, we’re confident the new Standard Amp can compete directly with many of our older HeadRoom units costing into the four figures. Of course, the proof is in the (audio) pudding, so our 30-day ‘no questions asked’ return policy ensures your ears will love what they hear or your money back! :) … And, yes, we have heard your voices loud & clear supporting the return of our HeadRoom crossfeed circuit. All we can say for now is we have some amazing stuff up our HeadRoom Audio sleeve for 2017 (and beyond), so please stay tuned. We think you’ll be happy you did!

  • Roland Bowers

    I have a micro (the original that runs off 2 9v batteries), and it still beats the pants off anything I’ve heard since. Glad to see headroom back in the amp business!

    One request, though…please, PLEASE!!!!! Build one with the headroom crossfeed again! It was the very best antidote to headphone imaging issues I ever heard! I would love to see it available again. Please??? Lol

  • Donald Holland

    In a query I asked “I currently own the HeadRoom Cosmic Reference Module with outboard power supply, circa 2004, and at that time almost $1,000. Will the HeadRoom Standard Headphone Amp at a vastly affordable $400.00 be better?” If so I may purchase this new amp, even with pricier options.

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