64 Audio


64 Audio is based in Vancouver, Washington and their IEMs are used by some of the world's top artists (including Beyonce and John Mayer). 

They are one of a handful of companies who are pushing IEM technology to new heights. 

Their line-up includes five high-end universal IEMs:

  • The U12T is a detailed, reference-class IEM
  • The U18T pushes the limits of what a reference monitor is capable of with incredible detail, extension, and clarity across all frequencies
  • The tia Trio hits the sweet spot between reference-level clarity and a smooth sound signature (i.e. a little warmer)
  • The tia Fourté boasts the most accurate sound and widest soundstage of any in-ear monitor
  • The limited-edition Fourté Noir takes the technological advancements of the tia Fourté and ads more bass extension with a warmer sound signature

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