Campfire Audio Comet Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Comet Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Comet Headphones Campfire Audio
Campfire Audio Comet
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Campfire Audio Comet


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The Campfire Audio Comet is Campfire's shot at a more entry-level, consumer-friendly earphone. Every time Campfire Audio announces a new product we get a little giddy and it was no exception when the Comet and Atlas were announced. The Comet is easily one of the comfiest earphones that Campfire has produced given that it does not wrap over the ear like all their other IEMs which will definitely appeal to the earbud audience. The Comet is by no means perfect but after using them for a while, they manage to cover a lot of the right bases and manage to stand above other similarly-priced entry-level headphones. Campfire Audio set out to make a friendly, entry-level headphone and we feel like they definitely succeeded.

The Comet (and by extension the Atlas) are a vast departure from Campfire's normal offerings which is great to see. Campfire Audio has been releasing a lot of interesting products and we are stoked to see the innovation that Ken and his team are bringing to the industry.

The Comet uses a vented balanced armature driver in a stainless steel housing and features Campfire Audio's signature 3D modeled Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber(T.A.E.C.) that produces a full, crisp sound signature. The Comet earbud design allows for an easy seal meaning its real easy to capture that low-range goodness. The bass isn't going to blow you away but it is noticeably present. The soundstage on the Comet isn't very wide but for a sub $200 headphone the soundstage is very comparable to its peers. The sound signature of the Comets is very consumer friendly, meaning if you are coming from something like your apple earbuds or Beats, you aren't going to feel like something is lacking. However instead of garbled voices and terrible distortion, you are getting clear, detailed sound. The Comets even include a detachable MMXC cable that has an in-line remote + mic meaning you can customize your Comets how you want which is not often an option for headphones in this price range. The Comets from Campfire Audio are an excellent choice if you are looking for an entry-level headphone into the audiophile world or even just looking for an upgrade or fun headphone.

Campfire Audio is a relatively young company in the headphone world but they continue to impress. They don't miss often and the Comet is no exception. The Campfire Audio Comet in our minds is easily an early-front runner for best entry-level headphone under $200.