Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears EVR IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears

Empire Ears EVR


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Meticulously tuned with Grammy Award producer, Sam Ash, the Empire Vocal Reference (EVR) is exquisitely engineered to capture the detailed sonic nuance of critical studio and live stage performances. The EVR features a separate low, mid, and high driver to cover a wide frequency range while utilizing a sophisticated 3-way synX crossover network to inject each driver with clean power while eliminate phase incoherence and resonance with A.R.C. technology.

The EVR boasts an amazingly tight, accurate sound with enormous dynamic range and unprecedented frequency response.

Crisp Not Clinical

Designed with vocalists in mind, the EVR combines the essential elements required to achieve a perfect vocal reproduction: a signature buttressed on a slightly forward midrange, topped off with powerful transparency. A vocal performance providing depth and power, while simultaneously staying in line with the rest of the band; after all, music remains the sum of its parts. Accordingly, most of its tuning remains centered around a balanced signature: a relatively neutral quantity of its bass, and an instrument placement that is neither forward nor laid-back. Yet despite its thoroughly balanced signature, the EVR is a far cry from a clinical performance, condoning a subtle deviation from neutral to allow for a playful touch of sparkle in its treble; a musical element that not only brings clarity to its vocals, but breathes life into its instruments. Built for the spotlight, the EVR was made to shine.

synX Crossover Technology

synX is a supercharged crossover design that designates more individual audio bands per driver than any other crossover technology currently in existence. By creating an ultra-wide, multi-channel highway our engineers can manipulate specific parts of the frequency range in order to precision craft the target response and eliminate any signs of phase incoherence between the drivers. synX is the industry’s most advanced IEM crossover technology with each model featuring its own uniquely designed synX network.

Proprietary Drivers

The EVR also utilizes proprietary balanced armature drivers which are purpose built for a specific target response. Our drivers feature specialized reeds and low-mass diaphragms to reproduce incredible detailed, true-to-recording sound while remaining efficient enough to be powered by everyday devices.

Bespoke Handcrafted Cables

Every EVR in-ear monitor includes a bespoke, handcrafted Ares II cable by Effect Audio. The Ares II boasts a proprietary blend of 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with ultra-flexible insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each cable is terminated in an ultra durable 3.5mm, 24k Oyaide gold plated right angle plug.

3 Proprietary Empire Balanced Armature Drivers
1 low, 1 mid, 1 high
Crossover Technology
3-Way synX Crossover Network
Tube Technology
A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology
12 ohms @ 1kHz
Frequency Response
10 Hz - 40kHz
115dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
UPOCC 26AWG Handcrafted Cable by Effect Audio
  • Empire Ears EVR In-Ear Monitor Headphones
  • Handcrafted 26 AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable
  • Empire Aegis Case
  • Empire Dust Bag
  • Empire IEM Pouch
  • Empire Cleaning Cloth
  • Empire Cleaning Tool