Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears Nemesis IEM Empire Ears
Empire Ears

Empire Ears Nemesis


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Nemesis is crude and visceral, unwavering in its singular purpose: to overwhelm the auditory senses through the raw spirit and emotion of a live performance. Developing an in-ear monitor with the intensity of Nemesis required that every aspect be engineered to perform. Its heart beats with twin sequential W9 subwoofers, supercharged internally with Effect Audio’s UPOCC LITZ copper, to reproduce extraordinary bass both rich in air and volume followed by 3 additional drivers for natural vocals and precision highs.

Never has power and technology developed for professionals felt so at home in the studio and on stage. The Nemesis faithfully produces a live experience that can not only be heard, but felt.

Shocking Realism

Nemesis represents Empire Ears' attempt to create the most realistic recreation of a live concert: soaring electric guitars, powerful vocals, but most of all: thunderous bass fueled by twin sequential W9 subwoofers. By subtly lifting the treble, the Nemesis maintains a powerfully clear image despite its richer low-end, ensuring a lively sound to match its low-end quantity. And combined with Empire Ears' trademark vocal naturalness, the Nemesis makes for a very full package.

synX Crossover Technology

synX is a supercharged crossover design that designates more individual audio bands per driver than any other crossover technology currently in existence. By creating an ultra-wide, multi-channel highway our engineers can manipulate specific parts of the frequency range in order to precision craft the target response and eliminate any signs of phase incoherence between the drivers. synX is the industry’s most advanced IEM crossover technology with each model featuring its own uniquely designed synX network.

Hybrid Technology / Proprietary Drivers

After nearly 2 years of relentless R&D Empire is proud to announce the Weapon IX (W9), a proprietary 9mm rare-earth magnet subwoofer with the ability to deliver extreme output, accurate dynamics and sublime sound quality all at the same time. The Nemesis also utilizes proprietary balanced armature drivers which are purpose built for a specific target response.

Bespoke Handcrafted Cables

Every Nemesis in-ear monitor includes a bespoke, handcrafted Ares II cable by Effect Audio. The Ares II boasts a proprietary blend of 26 AWG UPOCC Litz copper with ultra-flexible insulation for maximum signal speed transmission, performance, and ergonomics. Each cable is terminated in an ultra durable 3.5mm, 24k Oyaide gold plated right angle plug.

5 Proprietary Drivers, Hybrid Design
2 W9 Subwoofers, 1 Mid, 1 High, 1 Super High
Crossover Technology
8-Way synX Crossover System
Tube Technology
A.R.C. Resonance Mitigation Technology
15.5 ohms @ 1kHz
Frequency Response
5 Hz - 40kHz
101dB @ 1kHz, 1mW
26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable, Handcrafted by Effect Audio
  • Empire Ears Nemesis In-Ear Monitor Headphones
  • Handcrafted 26 AWG UPOCC Litz Copper Cable
  • Empire Aegis Case
  • Empire Dust Bag
  • Empire IEM Pouch
  • Empire Cleaning Cloth
  • Empire Cleaning Tool