Final Audio F7200

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The F7200 from Final Audio is a very strong showing among in-ear headphones for Final Audio.

Featuring a single balanced armature driver in stainless steel housing, the F7200 is pretty close to a reference-level headphone delivering stunning clarity and detail. The F7200 in-ear headphones let you pick out minute details in your high-resolution audio that you may not have heard before. The F7200 is an absolute beast when it comes to mids and highs although bassheads beware, these are probably not the headphones you are looking for. The F7200 comes with a silver sheathed cable with MMXC connectors meaning that it is replaceable although the stock cable the F7200 comes with is fantastic and definitely worth holding on to! As with the other headphones in Final Audio's F series, the F7200 has an impedance of 42 ohms which means we wouldn't recommend trying to drive them straight from your phone.

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Stainless Steel
Driver Unit
Balanced Armature driver
42 Ohm
Length Of Cable