Final Audio Heaven VI - Open Box Headphones Final Audio Gold
Final Audio Heaven VI - Open Box Headphones Final Audio

Final Audio Heaven VI - Open Box

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The Heaven VI from Final Audio is truly a beautiful headphone for those who enjoy female vocals. Whether it be trance, J-Pop, K-pop and other genres, the Heaven VI have some of the most detailed mids of any headphone we have tried.

As with all the in-ear headphones in Final's Heaven series, the Heaven VI utilizes a single balanced armature driver custom-made by Final Audio to deliver natural, balanced sound. It can not be stated enough with the Heaven VI that these headphones are detail fiends. Play some high-resolution music with these and sit back and pick out details you never noticed before. Guitar strings being plucked, high-hats sparkling, the Heaven VI will blow you away.

The Heaven VI also stays true to Final Audio's house sound which features understated bass that still feels natural and textured. As with most of Final Audio's headphones, we will include the disclaimer that these headphones are not made for bassheads. If you are looking for a little more oompf from your headphones in this price range, we would recommend checking out the Noble Audio Sage or Campfire Audio's Polaris

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Chrome copper or Chrome Gold
Driver Unit
16mm Dynamic driver
108 dB
16 Ohm
Length of Cable
approx. 38g
  • Final Audio Design Heaven VI In-Ear headphones
  • Mirror-Finish Silver Case
  • S,M,L Single-Flange eartips