The Focal Clear Trade-In Event has now ended. The final day for the event was September 30th, 2019. 

Focal Clear


Focal Clear Reviews

Check out this written review of the Focal Clear by Ian Dunmore (@Torq) as part of The HEADPHONE Community Preview Program.

If you enjoy watching videos more, check out this video review of the Focal Clear by Andrew Park (@Resolve Reviews) as part of The HEADPHONE Community Preview Program

Our Take: The Focal Clear will bring you 5% short of Utopia. Meaning the Focal Clear is about 95% of its bigger brother, the Focal Utopia. The Clear has some of the best detail, resolution and dynamics in its price range however if you are looking for a little more low-end we recommend looking elsewhere as the Clear does have a brighter sound signature.

Focal Clear Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones in West Vancouver

Focal Clear Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones

The Focal Clear is a new over-ear open-back headphone from Focal made for audiophiles. The Clear bridges the gap perfectly between the Elear and the Utopia, finally giving you an option between their price points. The Clear has all the strengths of the Elear with none of its faults. Gone is the mid-range dip and uncomfortable pads. The Clear has excellent bass extension, clear, detailed mids and highs that truly stand out. The Clear also features perforated memory foam cushions and a lighter design meaning it can be used for extended listening periods with ease!

The Focal Clear features leather and perforated microfiber adjustable headband with ear cup rotation and a one size fits all Aluminum Yoke with 20mm memory foam ear cushions. The Clear from Focal has low impedence (55 Ohms) which means taking it on the go with a high-resolution digital audio player is easier than ever! The Clear also features 3.5mm locking jack sockets and comes with 3 cables (instead of just the one cable provided with the Elear and Utopia). Discover a listening experience similar to that provided by high-fidelity loudspeakers and excellent performance when connected to portable high-resolution audio players.