Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) Headphones Beyerdynamic Default Title
Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) Headphones Beyerdynamic
Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) Headphones Beyerdynamic
Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) Headphones Beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen)

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Introducing the Beyerdynamic T1 (Second Generation). The completely redesigned transducers achieve values of over one Tesla (a unit of measurement for magnetic flux density). That provides the listener with almost double as much volume as traditional headphones.

The increased efficiency also leaves the T1 with greater power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and nearly lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The extremely lightweight 600 Ohm voice coil provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity.

The Beyerdynamic T1 (Second Generation) represents the highest sound quality and precision craftsmanship. In 2009, the audio specialist from Heilbronn redefined the high-end headphones with its top model for home use. Now it’s time for the bar to be raised even higher. When developing the second generation of the T1, the sound wizards at beyerdynamic subjected their flagship model to some subtle but effective fine tuning.

Silky-smooth warmth meets precise bass

The T1 has always been a paragon of transparency and precision. Now, thanks to new, further improved tuning, the dynamic and clean sound of the original has been enhanced with a touch more warmth and musicality that will have audiophile listeners in raptures. The additional attenuation in the heart of the Tesla driver eliminates disruptive resonances in the high frequency range. In order to achieve the ultimate sound experience, we fundamentally optimized the form of the baffle and replaced the single-layer baffle material with a more stable, high-tech compound material. This minimizes vibration of the material to deliver even clearer sound reproduction. Music lovers will experience a solid, low-frequency foundation what they are looking for.

Studio-quality plug-in cable

The connection cable with fabric sheathing and threaded jack plug ensures optimum transmission. Its conductors, made from ultra-pure OCC copper, are among the best in the industry. The supplied lead can be removed from the headphones and, if required, exchanged for an optional cable with 4-pin XLR connector. This enables users with a headphone amplifier with the right outputs to take advantage of ‘symmetrical transmission’. This connection method, used in professional equipment, prevents faults on the conduction path – acoustically, the cable practically melts into thin air.

New materials for maximum comfort

Two new ear cushions ensure that listening to music is also a comfortable experience. The fleecy velour made from hollow fibres transports warmth and moisture away from the wearer’s head, allowing you to listen for hours without getting the dreaded ‘hot ears’. A memory foam layer beneath the velour covers makes the cushions exceptionally soft. Even in terms of comfort, the T1 is state of the art.
When not in use, the headphones can be stored in a luxurious hard case with a hinged lid. Not only is this ideal for transporting the headphones, but also perfect for displaying this classic piece next to your hi-fi system at home.

Unique Tesla technology “Made in Germany”

The T1 remains the only high-end set of headphones in the world to feature 600-ohm transducers. beyerdynamic is the only company to use such delicate moving coils to convert electric currents into an explosion of acoustic colours and fine dynamic precision.

Special machines and experienced employees at the company’s headquarters in Heilbronn are required to wind the coils. The wafer-thin copper wire is only around half as thick as a human hair. A further speciality of the company is also required: the exclusive Tesla transducers. With their powerful magnetic drives, they are able to compensate for the fundamentally higher voltage requirements of high-impedance moving coils. As a result, the T1 reaches at-home listening volumes that other manufacturers would only be able to achieve using transducers of simpler construction and with significantly lower impedance. A sound such as that produced by the T1 can only be achieved using Tesla technology.

The Beyerdynamic MMX300 Premium Gaming Headset is a high quality professional headset derived from the private aviation-oriented HS-Series, which have been perfected for use in noisy cockpits. Adapted to the special requirements of extended gaming sessions, the MMX 300 utilizes it’s aviation roots to great effect. Featuring a flexible headband construction and soft over-ear ear pads, the MMX 300 has been designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance, whether they be used at home or on the road, for gaming or for hi-fi use.

Maximum Sound

The MMX 300 provides a natural and detailed sound. The online gamers can hear approaching attackers early and locate their positions precisely. Not only virtual game worlds are absolutely real play: With its balanced sound it can be recommended as a true multimedia headset for watching movies and listening to music.

With an open-back design plus Beyerdynamic’s innovative Tesla drivers, the DT 1990 Pro headphones are ideal for listening, mixing, and even mastering. Tailor your DT 1990 listening experience to the sound you want with the included replaceable ear pads (analytical and balanced). Two cables (coiled and straight) and a premium hard case are also included. Beyerdynamic headphones are known worldwide for delivering outstanding sound quality and professional reliability. For reference-quality sound in a pair of rugged headphones, it’s hard to beat the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro open-back studio headphones.

High-Resolution Sound

Power and precision are critical requirements when it comes to sound reproduction. The efficiency of our latest Tesla driver technology is characterized by accurate resolution and high output power. Brilliant highs, a richly detailed midrange and precise bass combine to ensure sublime sound quality that is second to none.
Together with an ingenious open-back design, the high-resolution Tesla drivers ensure a wide, dynamic and extremely natural stereo image. Titanium-coated acoustic fabric and carefully selected precision-woven textiles round off the balanced sound quality.

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Transducer type
Operating principle
Semi-open back
Frequency response
5 - 50,000 Hz
600 Ω
Nominal SPL
102 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz)
total harmonic distortion (T.H.D)
< 0.05% (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Power handling capacity
300 mW
Max. SPL
126 dB (300 mW / 500 Hz)
earcup design
Headband pressure
Approx. 2.8 N
3 m double-sided
Gold-plated 3-pole mini stereo jack (3.5 mm)
1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)
Weight without cable
360 g
  • Beyerdynamic T1 (Second Generation) Tesla Audiophile Headphones
  • Luxury Grade Hard Carry Case
  • Double-sided, detachable cable
  • Audiophile, textile-coated connecting cable
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