iBasso DX 150 Digital Audio Player


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The iBasso DX150 weighs about 245 grams and is 128.5mm x 69mmx 19.5mm. The DX150 portable player is to have a dual DAC setup accompanied with two AK4490EQ DAC chips and a removable AMP6 amp module. The audio player is powered by Rockchip’s 8-core A53 64-bit RK3368 SoC chip. Below are more specs and features of the audio player.

Resolution screen.
The iBasso DX150 has a 4.2 inch IP high-resolution screen of 768x128, that has an OCA bonded multi-touch capacitive touch panel. The glass panel is from Mitsubishi and has a 93% transmittance. The resolution gives clear images, therefore, enhancing the user experience.

XMOS-XU208 Chipset. 
The DX150 uses a XU208 chipset and a Thesycon USB driver, allowing it to be a high-performance USB DAC.

Rapid Charge.
A 4400mAh Li-Po battery by MBELL powers the DX150, and has Quick Charge PD2.0 that supports approximately 100w, allowing it to charge the DX150 fully in about two hours. The PD2.0 is compatible with the QC2.0). It also has an AMP6 AMP card that allows play time to be about 10.5 hours.

AMP Cards.
It has a replaceable AMP card, that is similar to the DX200, making all the DX200 AMP cards compatible with DX150. Different AMP cards make the listening experience to be completely different and fantastic. The new AMP6 module helps to decrease distortion levels with the help of the high precision resistors.

Dual DACs.
Two AK4490EQ chips are used by the DX150. It has two built-in DACs, meaning for each channel, they each run parallel. There are also plenty of ultra-low noise regulators that makes the power provided to the DACs to be clean. Symmetry topology and Panasonic film capacitors utilize the AK4490 potential.

Memory Storage.
It has a 2GB DDR3 memory and an internal storage of 32GB. The internal storage is mainly for the DAP’s (Digital Portable Audio Players) software and the operating system. There is a slot where you can insert a micro SD card, to expand the storage capacity. Though it has not stated the maximum micro SD card limit it can support.

Android OS.
It features a modified Android OS and the drivers that have none of the standard SRC limitations of Android. It allows third-party apps such as TIDAL or Spotify, hence allows you to have different music apps.

Synchronization Technology.
The TCXO and PLL reduce any jitters in the DX150, making it different from the multi oscillators of the DAC. The technology eliminates the popping sound that’s made when oscillators change. For the first time, PLL technology is found in an audio player, as it usually is on Hi-End desktops. The input and output clock are identical, hence improving the sound quality of the music.