iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player Portable Music Players iBasso
iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player Portable Music Players iBasso

iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player


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iBasso DX220 Flagship Digital Audio Player

The iBasso DX220 is iBasso's flagship Digital Audio Player (DAP) and brings very strong performance well above its pricepoint.

iBasso DX220 User Manual

It is the first DAP to support 2-way Bluetooth 5.0 which means it provides native support for both aptX and LDAC. The iBasso DX220 also fully supports MQA playback as well as 10-band graphical EQ. In addition, it adds a more professional Parametric EQ (PEQ), providing a total of 8 filters in 6 segments. Each filter can be customized with central frequency, gain and quality factor. The Parametric EQ has a detailed visual adjustment capability.


  • 5.0 inch 1080P Sharp Full Screen
  • Corning Glass
  • Two-way Bluetooth 5.0
  • THD+N:-114dB
  • PCM 32bit/384kHz
  • Dual ES9028PRO DACs
  • Replaceable AMP Card
  • LDAC/aptX
  • 8-core CPU 4G/64G
  • Native DSD512
  • 5 Femtosecond Oscillators
  • XMOS USB Soundcard
  • MQA
  • Android 8.1 Dual System
  • Coaxial/Optical Output
iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player

The DX220 uses the open Android 8.1 system. The audio system has been completely reworked so it now allows 3rd-party apps and any SRC issues have been completely eliminated. The DX220 comes with the Mango audio player app pre-installed which also has a completely new user interface. The new interface makes the Android Mango APP easy to use for even the most technologically challenged person.

For battery life, the DX220 is right up there with the competition. Because it supports 3 different charging protocols, you can charge the DX220 up to 70% in one hour. It uses a 4400mAh battery so on a full battery you can get a solid 8 to 9 hours of straight listening time.

iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player


  • 95% sRGB Color Gamut
  • 87% Screen Ratio
  • 445ppi High Resolution Display
  • 480cd/m2 Screen Brightness
  • On Cell Capacitive Touch Screen
  • 2.5D Corning Glass Panel
  • Nano Anti-Fingerprint Coating
iBasso DX220 Digital Audio Player


  • -The RAM is upgraded from DX200’s 2G LPDDR3 to 4G
  • -Panasonic polymer capacitors and custom inductors are used to lower internal resistance of the power supply.
  • -High, medium, and low three steps gain settings. The added low gain setting has ultra-low noise floor, which is good for high sensitivity monitors.
  • -Five femtosecond oscillators, two of which are Accusilicon’s ultra-low phase noise oscillators.
  • -Coaxial/Optical output.