iBasso IT04 In-Ear Headphones Headphones iBasso Blue
iBasso IT04 In-Ear Headphones Headphones iBasso
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iBasso IT04 In-Ear Headphones Headphones iBasso

iBasso IT04 In-Ear Headphones


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The iBasso iT04 is the new flagship of iBasso’s popular IEM lineup. This new entrant focuses on premium sound, build quality, and accessories at a reasonable price point. The iT04 is a light-weight (13g) earphone, shaped to fit snugly inside the ear. Inspired by custom-earphone design, the result is a shape  that is comfortable for commuting and long listening sessions. The hard aluminium case protects the earphones when not in use, and can be used to hold the large selection of silicone and foam eartips included in the package. The iBasso comes with a 2.5mm balanced cable and an adapter to convert from this balanced termination to standard 3.5mm. The cables are detachable, allowing them to be replaced if damaged, or if the user prefers a 3rd party offering.

The iT04 is iBasso’s flagship, providing a neutral and detailed sound signature. The sound is airy and balanced, providing a very revealing tonality and just a little warmth to the low frequencies for flavour. Despite the very resolving sound, the headphone remains musical and dynamic. The IT04 is well-suited for any musical genre, making the a remarkable performer in its price class. Listeners looking for a warmer and more aggressive sound in both bass and treble should consider the Campfire Audio Polaris, or for a thicker, more relaxed sound, the Empire Ears Bravado.