64 Audio tia Fourté Headphones 64 Audio
64 Audio tia Fourté Headphones 64 Audio
64 Audio

64 Audio tia Fourté


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Our Take: The tia Fourte is the king of detail in an IEM, but the detail is presented in a supremely enjoyable and non-fatiguing package. The tia Fourte is not a reference IEM (look to 64 Audio's U18t for that). It is instead built for unrivaled enjoyment with excellent bass response and beautifully balanced, crystal clear highs. Comparisons to the Focal Utopia are on point when it comes to detail and resolution. 

Check out Ian Dunmore's (@Torq) review of the 64 Audio Tia Fourté In-Ear Monitor Headphone as part of the HEADPHONE Community Preview Program.


tia System

A tubeless system which includes: tia™ drivers, tia single-bore, tia acoustic chambers, and a passive radiator system. The absence of sound restricting tubes yields an incredibly smooth and musical frequency response and enables a larger depth and soundstage than the conventional system.


A revolutionary technology that eliminates pneumatic pressure that causes excessive eardrum movement. Apex (air pressure exchange) relieves air pressure caused by miniature speakers in a sealed ear canal, giving you a superior listening experience that simply cannot be achieved by traditional IEMs.

tia Single Bore

The single-bore design is a huge leap in eliminating unwanted tube resonance. The large bore itself serves as a sound-shaping chamber and aids the tia high driver in delivering a linear and coherent frequency response.

True Phase

ApexTM restores proper phase response at the eardrum by switching from pressure-based amplitude to velocity-based amplitude.

3D Sound

By removing pneumatic pressure from the ear canal, sound is felt to be more spacious and outside the head when compared to traditional earphones.

Aluminum Body

The body of the earphones are machined from a solid piece of aluminum for ultimate durability. They also feature a beautiful matte finish.