Astell&Kern AK320 Portable Hi-Fi Audio System

Gun Metal

  • The AK320 Portable Hi-Fi Audio System from Astell&Kern is a media player and USB DAC that supports a wide variety of audio formats including WAV, FLAC, ACC, MP3, WMA, OGG, and more in addition to DSD. It is equipped with two AKM AK4490 chips that allows for DSD to PCM playback, meaning it does not need to convert DSD files to WAV prior to analog conversion.

    The AK320 can be controlled via its 4.0" WVGA touch screen and features a physical volume knob. The unit has 128GB of internal storage and supports microSD cards up to 128GB, for a total of 256GB of potential storage. Thanks to its streaming capabilities, you are not limited to playback of songs you have on your device, as it can stream tracks from your Mac or PC connected to the same wireless network.

    24-Bit 192 kHz Bit to Bit Playback

    • AK320 is capable of bit-to-bit playback up to 24-bit, 192 kHz. 32-bit audio is downsampled using a sample-rate converter (SRC). In addition, DSD 64/128 can be played back via conversion to PCM

    PEQ (Parametric EQ)

    • A parametric equalizer was implemented in the AK320 to deliver detailed adjustment of the original sound, and an audio digital signal processor (DSP) was added to aid in this process. This frees up CPU cycles previously needed for calculating graphic equalizers (GEQ), allowing more detailed and accurate calculations via the dedicated DSP. The audio DSP expands the existing 10-band, ±0.5 dB graphic equalizer to 20-band, ±0.1 dB to more precisely adjust the frequency and gain (dB) as well as more accurately specifying the frequency range via Q value adjustments

    Equipped with a Femto Clock to Deliver Original Sound

    • Astell&Kern implemented a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) high-precision clock with a reference jitter value of 200 femto seconds. Femto clocks are commonly used in high-end audio systems, and the clock is measured in high-precision femtosecond units (one quadrillionth of a second)


    • The AK320 can be connected to a Windows or Mac computer via USB for use as a USB DAC that supports PCM/DSD. When playing back music stored on a computer, the Dual-DAC is able to deliver richer audio of outstanding soundstage and resolution well beyond the limits of a built-in sound card

    Astell&Kern Connect App

    • Astell&Kern has further enhanced DLNA functionality via the AK Connect app. Wireless networking DLNA (version 1.0) connects to a NAS or PC and is easily controlled with a smartphone or tablet through AK Connect. Source files on a Windows/Mac computer can be freely transferred and streamed without the hassle of turning on the computer and physically connecting with a cable

    Pressure-Sensitive Metal Capacitive Touch

    • The Metal Touch functions as a home key and interfaces with the device via pressure-sensitive touches