AudioQuest Perch Headphone Stand -

AudioQuest Perch Headphone Stand

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A great headphone stand makes your headphones look sexy when you're not wearing them.

The AudioQuest Perch headphone stand  does that really well.

It's also designed to take the stress off your headphones so it's like they're floating in an oasis of comfort while doubling as art. In short, this stand looks awesome, and it will extend the life of your headphones.

Did we mention this stand is built solidly? It's heavy... really heavy for a headphone stand. Audioquest went above and beyond with build quality, and you'll be able to tell the second you get it out of the box.

Key Features

  • Designed for easy, one-handed placement and removal
  • Tall steel frame
  • Padded headband support covered in eco-friendly protein-leather
  • Smooth, curved design reduces stress on your headphones' earpads and headband
  • Weight of the headband is evenly distributed
  • Heavy-duty base made of die-cast zinc
  • Four rubber feet to make the stand extra stable
  • It's fully assembled
  • Warranty: 1 year
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