Ultrasone Edition M Black Pearl Closed-Back On-Ear Headphones

  • Like all Ultrasone headphones in the Edition family, only carefully selected, tried-and-tested materials are used when making the Ultrasone Edition M Black Pearl On-Ear Headphones.

    The precisely crafted spring steel headband fits the head snugly and elegantly. The high-glossy earcups with metal surface and PVD coating gives the look of black pearls. That surface treatment ensures both resilience and exclusivity at the same time. The laser-engraved logo underlines the fine craftsmanship. Sheepskin Leather envelops the headband and offers unrivaled comfort. Made from this same extraordinarily soft leather, the ear cushions offer the highest level of insulation.

    A detachable OFC cable with integrated remote control and microphone are included with the headphones. Thus, switching between telephone conversations and music playback is no problem at all. The 1.2m cable has a gold-plated, angled, 3.5mm 4-pin jack. The finely crafted bag is made from waterproofed felt and guarantees safe storage and secure transport.

    S-Logic Plus Technology

    • S-Logic Plus Technology uses decentralized driver positioning to achieve a spacious listening experience that allows you to hear the music without unwanted coloration. It also produces a reduction of sound pressure level up to 40% (3-4 dB), cutting down the risk of hearing damage, and contributing to hours of fatigue-free listening.

    ULE Technology

    • ULE Technology was developed to protect listeners from the harmful effect of low-frequency radiation generated by headphone drivers. It utilizes a proprietary MU-Metal shielding which reduces electromagnetic fields by up to 98%, making it safer to use these headphones for extended periods of time.

    Sheepskin Leather

    • The two ear cushions and the spring headband are lined with soft sheepskin-leather for a snugly fit and added sound insulation.

    Finely Crafted Earcup Design

    • These luxurious headphones feature earcups with metal surfaces and black-pearl-colored high-gloss PVD coating. Enhanced with a laser-engraved logo, this finely-crafted surface treatment is built for resilience when on the move.