Audeze LCD-5 Flagship Headphones

Weighing in at only 420 grams, the LCD-5 is built for comfort and superior sound.

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Legend EVO Launch Edition

New Flagship IEMs for Empire Ears
Only 400 Launch Edition Units available

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GO Blu

Ultraportable DAC & Headphone Amp
From iFI Audio - Only $199

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Empyrean Elite

New flagship planar magnetic headphones
from Meze Audio

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New Flagship Closed-Back
Planar Headphones from
Dan Clark Audio

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At, we only want to show you products that in stock and ready to ship. All of our products ship with same-day shipping and shipping is free* in North America. From Focal, Moondrop, Hifiman and more, we will get you the best products with the best shipping.

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Focal Celestee

Brand new high-end closed-back headphones
from Focal at $990.
Available now with FREE 2-Day Shipping

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